Scientific Name: Antirrhinum majus

Light:  Full sun

Zone:  7 to 10; grown as an annual in Carroll County

Height:  12 to 36 inches

Width:  6 to 12 inches

Flowers:  April to frost;  White, yellow, pink, red, orange, peach, purple plus bicolor


Fall Color:

Butterflies:  attracts


Hummingbird: attracts

Deer Resistant:  yes

Insects/Pollinators: attracts

Native: No, native to Mediterranean region

Idea Garden:

Propagation:   Start seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before the last spring frost. The seeds need light to germinate. Plants tolerate frost and grow best in cool weather, so you can transplant them outside before last frost date.

Germination will be 10 to 14 days at 60 to 70 F.



Antirrhinum majus, commonly called snapdragon, is an old garden favorites.   Snapdragon is a cool-weather crop that grows best at temperatures in the 60s and 70s F.  In Carroll County with our protracted hot summer weather, plants often tend to languish and do not last the entire growing season. Even though snapdragons are a tender perennial, they are usually grown as an annual in our area.

Easy to grow from seed, snapdragons have spiked flowers that mingle well in the garden. Flowers may be classic (having two puffed petals that look like stacked berets) or azalea-flowered (fringed or ruffled).

Pinch tips when plants are 2 to 4 inches tall to produce more flower spikes. Cutting flowers as they mature will encourage plants to produce more flowers. Tall varieties may require staking, but other plants may provide support in a planting with mixed flowers.

Cultivars / Varieties

  • Antiquity Series (F1) – 10″ spreading 16″; Open bell flower form provides broad color area. Superior branching vigor provides strong garden performance and covers the ground or the container rapidly.  Lemon, Orange Bicolor, Purple, Red, Red Bicolor.
  • Bells Series (F1) – 8″; Long blooming, open bell flowers on strong plants. Purple & White.
  • Bizarre Hybrids (Brighton Rock) – 18″; Mixture of exotic striped & mottled bi-colors.
  • Black Prince – 18″; Near-black velvet crimson flowers, dark-purple foliage.
  • ‘Bright Butterflies Mix’ – 2.5-foot tall plants with 10 to 12 flower spikes per plant. Flowers in shades of yellow, red, pink, purple and white.
  • Bronze Dragon – 12″; Deep shining purple foliage, rust-resistant. Bicolor flowers, prominent carmine throat with soft rose lips.
  • Candy Tops Series – 7-8″ spreading 6″; Upright with strong stems and sweetly fragrant flowers. Prolific branching puts flower stems all over the plant. Spikes are broad and packed with blooms. Works well in combo containers.  Orange, Red, Rose, White, Yellow.
  • Chimes Pink (F1) –  8″; Compact habit, uniform bloom. Traditional snapdragon flower form.
  • Crackle & Pop Series (F1) – 6″ container, 10″ garden; Very early with tight window for bloom time. Prolific branching and lots of flowering broad, dense spikes.
  • Dark Leaved Mix – 16″ container, 20″ garden; Mixture of vibrant colors all with dark purple foliage and purple stems.
  • Floral Showers Series (F1) – 8″; Dwarf, extra early. Apricot Bicolor, Deep Bronze, Purple, Red & Yellow Bicolor, Rose Pink, Scarlet, White, Yellow.
  • Liberty Classic Series (F1) – 18″; The original Liberty, knee-hi base brancher.  Bronze, Crimson, Lavender,  Rose Pink, White, Yellow.
  • ‘Liberty’ Series –  2- to 2.5-foot tall plant in nine different flower colors.
  • Lipstick Gold – 18″; Unique yellow w’ red lips, uniform.
  • Lipstick Silver – 18″; Unique, creamy-white tips with rosy-purple lips. Very showy, uniform and fragrant.
  • Lucky Lips – 20″; Large flowers on long spikes, with large purple-red lips in striking contrast to the bright white base and wing petals.
  • Madame Butterfly Series (F1) –  30″; All-American Selection Winner. Tall, double azalea flower types. Florets larger than standard snaps. Superb cut-flower. Bronze, Bronze & White, Cherry Bronze, Ivory, Pink, Red, Rose, Yellow, purple and white.
  • Malmaison – 18″; Silver-pink. Classic old fashioned type.
  • Monarch Lavender -16″; Sturdy spikes of large, clear & cool upright flowers.
  • Montego Series (F1) – 6″; Dwarf & early. Burgundy Bicolor,  Orange Bicolor, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose, Rose Bicolor, Scarlet, Sunset, Violet, White, Yellow.
  • Night & Day – 18″; Near-black, velvet crimson flowers, silver-throated, deep purple-green foliage.
  • Palette Series (F1) – 10″; Husky well branched plants with healthy deep-green foliage and vigorous growth.
  • Purple Twist – 40″ Group 2. purple with white streaks.
  • Rocket Series (F1) – 30″; Choice for cut flower or garden bloom. Upright branching spikes w’ fragrant florets. Bronze (All-American Selection Winner), Cherry, Golden Yellow (All-American Selection Winner), Lemon, Orchid (All-American Selection Winner), Pink, Red (All-American Selection Winner), Rose Shades (All-American Selection Winner), White (All-American Selection Winner).
  • Royal Bride – 36″ spreading 18″; Pure white, very fragrant, strong stems.
  • Snappy Series (F1) – 8″ container; Flowers are classic snapdragon with distinct chin and comb petals. Early and compact with strong basal branching, uniform timing.
  • Snappy Tongue – 30″; Novel cut-flower, dragons with a distinct tongue protruding from between the lips.
  • Snaptastic Series – 8″ container, 10″ garden; Strong stems and vigorous lateral branching, form a durable bushy mass which  supports thick bloom spikes. Bred for extra strong root system to withstand summer season outdoors. Magenta, Orange Flame, Pink, Red, Yellow.
  • Snaptini Series (F1) – 7″; Successor to the popular Montego series.  Nine  colors including Burgundy Bicolor, Red, Sunglow (orange bicolor), Violet, Yellow, and White.
  • Solstice F1 Series – 16-20″; Knee-hi snapdragon. Good  for  cut-flower or landscaping.  Burgundy, Lavender,  Orange Tricolor (orange with yellow bee & white tube), Pink, Purple and Red.
  •  ‘Sonnet’ Series –  1.5-feett.  Great cut-flower also performs well in patio containers and landscape. Burgundy, Carmine, Crimson, Orange Scarlet, Pink, Rose, White and Yellow.
  • Twilight Mix -12″; Dark purplish black foliage. Abundant large flowers in numerous shades from purple, lilac, rose, pink, & yellow.
  • Twinny Series –  8″; F1, First dwarf, double flowered Antirrhinum series. Compact plant habit and excellent garden performance. Appleblossom, Bronze, Mix, Peach (All-American Selection Winner), Rose, Violet, White and Yellow Shades.
  • Chantilly Series (F1) – 3 ft garden, Strong color display. Extra early blooming. Open faced flowers with long vase life on strong, flower filled stems. group I-II cut-flower.  Bronze White Throat, Cream Yellow, Deep Orange, Light Pink, Light Salmon, Pink, Purple, Velvet, White and Yellow.
  • Cool Series (F1) – 40″ Group 1,2. Crimson, Mix, Orange, Pink, Rose, White and Yellow. ´
  • Legend Series (F1) – 3 ft.  Early flowering Group I type. Flower spikes are extra broad and dense, filled with 1.5″ snap flowers with intense colors, a standout in arrangements. Pink, White, Yellow, Light Pink & Light Yellow.
  • Maryland Series – 40″ ; Group 1-2. Early. Spikes are crisply defined and very full. Appleblossom, Bright Yellow, Dark Orange, Flamingo, Ivory White, Lavender, Orange, Plumblossom, Red, Royal, Shell Pink, True Pink, White, and Yosemite Pink.
  • Monaco Series (F1) –  4-5 ft; Group 2,3. Well known for dependable performance at difficult shoulder-season crop times such as late Summer to early Fall or late Winter to early Spring.  Baltimore Rose, Red, Rose, Violet, White, and Yellow. ´
  • Opus Series (F1) – 4 ft; Group III & IV. long, tough stems and tightly packed spikes. Appleblossom, Early Bronze, Early White, Fresh White, Lavender, Pink, Red, White, and Yellow.
  • Overture Series (F1) – 4 ft; Group II.  long, tough stems and tightly packed spikes. Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow.
  • Potomac Series  – 40″; Group 3-4. Tall strong stems, long spikes, good quality. Appleblossom, Cherry Rose, Dark Orange, Early Pink, Early White, Lavender, Pink, Red, Rose, Royal, White, and Yellow.
  • Red Delilah – 40″ Group 2.  ruby red lips with white throat in high contrast. Sturdy stems.

Trailing Snapdragons

  • Candy Showers Series – 6″ spreading 12″; Trailing plants with F1 Hybrid vigor fill quickly and load up early with high-color blooms. Flowers cover the entire plant from center to end of stems.  For baskets, combo containers, or high-color groundcover. Deep Purple, Orange, Red, Rose, White & Yellow.
  • Cascadia (Lampion) F1 Mix  – 12″; First cascading Snapdragon, densely flowering from top to bottom. Mix of white, yellow, pink, orange, scarlet, violet, pink & white bicolor.
  • Magic Lanterns –  6″ spreading 12″; Hanging basket snap with naturally trailing and branching habit. The wide color range including oranges, pinks, white and yellow


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Recommended for Wildlife by

 For the Birds, Butterflies & Hummingbirds: Creating Inviting Habitats – Virginia Extension

Photo Credits

Nancy Bittler


Additional information


annual, Zone 7, Zone 8




Loam, Moist

Flower Color

Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Flower Season

Fall, Spring, Summer

Wildlife Value

Beneficial Insects, Butterfly Host, Deer Resistant, Hummingbird, Nectar

Notable Features

Containers, Cut Flowers, Fragrant

Local Availability

Available, Widely Available


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