Pitch Pine

Scientific Name:  Pinus rigida

Light:  Sun

Zone:  3 to 8

Height:  50 to 75 feet

Width:  50 to 75 feet

Flowers:  May, red-purple, inconspicuous

Fruit/Seed:  light brown cone,

Fall Color:  evergreen


Birds:  many birds feed on the seeds; provides winter cover


Deer Resistant:  Yes, rarely damaged


Native: Throughout Maryland but not in Carroll

Idea Garden:

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Pitch pine provides a habitat and offers food for many wildlife species. They are used as cover and nesting for birds such as the  wild turkey, blue jays, chickadees, and warblers.  Small mammals also eat the seeds.


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Additional information




Dry, Loam

Flower Color

Purple, Red

Flower Season



Coast, Mountain, Piedmont

Wildlife Value

Deer Resistant, Food for Birds, Nest Sites, Summer Cover, Winter Cover

Notable Features

Evergreen, Rabbit Resistant

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