How to Use the Plant Selector

Just check the selection criteria in the right sidebar to find plants that suit your needs with reviews by Carroll County Master Gardeners.  Click on the plus sign to the right to open up the available options.  Click on a bubble to select an option.  You may combine options.  For example, if you want a shrub for the shade that provides nectar for butterflies and other pollinators, just check shrub under category, shade under light and nectar under wildlife.


Please leave a review if you grow this plant in Carroll County Maryland including the general area of the county where you reside – nearest high school or public library.



Description of Plant Attributes

Scientific Name:

Light:  Sun – 6 or more hours, Part Sun – 4 to 6 hours, Shade – less than 4 hours of sun daily

Zone:  Carroll County is mostly zones 6 & 7 so we list one zone either side to be safe.

Height:  range of mature heights

Width: range of mature width.

Flowers:  When plants flower, color of bloom and fragrance

Fruit/Seed:  Description of fruit/seed and fruiting dates

Fall Color:

Butterflies:  If host plant, list which butterflies or attractive to butterflies

Birds: Nest, summer or winter cover, eat fruit/seed,

Hummingbird: If plant attracts hummingbirds or supplies nest sites or nest materials to hummingbirds

Deer Resistant: if the plant is deer resistant

Insects/Pollinators: attracts pollinators and/or beneficial insects

Native:  From Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping: Chesapeake Bay Watershed & Maryland Biodiversity Project

Idea Garden:  List if the plant is being grown in one of our idea gardens


Other attributes:

Soil:  Dry, Moist (normal) or wet.  Clay or Loam

Local Availability:  Widely Available– available at 2 or 3 local nurseries; Available – available at one nursery; Not available – not available at any of the local nurseries

Notable Features:  Containers, Cut Flowers, Edger, Erosion Control, Evergreen, Foot Traffic Tolerant, Fragrant, Hedge, Humidity Tolerant, Long Blooming, Rabbit Resistant, Rain Garden, Salt Tolerant, Winter Interest


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