Annual Phlox

Scientific Name:  Phlox drummondii

Light: Sun to part-sun; Part afternoon shade is appreciated in Carroll County.

Zone:  Annual

Height:  6 to 12 inches

Width:  6 to 12 inches

Flowers:  May to July; rosy-red


Fall Color:

Butterflies:  attracts


Hummingbird:  attracts

Deer Resistant:  varies by source

Insects/Pollinators:  attracts

Native:  no, native to Texas

Idea Garden:

Propagation:  Direct seed around St. Patrick’s Day, as soon as the soil can be worked,  Cover seed with 1/8″ fine soil.  Darkness is required for germination.  Germinates in 5 to 10 days at 60 to 65F.  Annual phlox may also be started inside around mid-April in final container or jumbo trays as annual phlox dislikes root disturbance.  Carefully transplant outside when first true leaves appear.   Flowers in 50 to 65 days.


Annual phlox or Drummonds phlox is a showy annual. Usually 6 to12 inches tall, this phlox can reach 20 inches in height. Its flowers, usually with a pale center, range in color from pink to red, white, peach, or lavender.  Plants decline significantly as the heat of summer sets in, but may revive in fall.

Annual phlox makes a great, long-lasting cut flower.

Cultivars / Varieties

  •  21st Century Series  – 10″; F1 Hybrid. Hybrid vigor lends stress tolerance & long season endurance, strong germ & seedling vigor. Blue, Blue Star, Crimson, Pink, Scarlet & White.
  • Blushing Bride – 15″ pot, 24″ garden; Flowers color-shift from white to light red as they mature, creating a lovely mix of blush-white to light red on the same plant. Large sweetly fragrant flowers in profusion
  • Cecily Mix – Pastel colors, most dark-eyed
  • Cherry Caramel – 16-20″; Flowers are caramel with cherry-red center.
  • Coral Reef Mix – Exotic sunset pastels, a glowingly beautiful color theme.
  • Ethnie Series – Compact and early. Brilliant range of 8 colors. 11-12 weeks from sow to finish. 
  • Grammy Pink & White – Fleuroselect Medal. Unique single, rosy pink and white blooms with distinctive star-pattern centers. Most compact F1 phlox available. Vigorous, free-flowering plants bloom long and continuously. Adds high impact look to mixed containers, gardens and planters.
  • Grandiflora Series – 18″; Large flowered strains. Tapestry contains a full range of colors, with large contrasting centers of blue to rose. Stars and Stripes contains red to rose shades contrasting red stripes and white stars in center. Very fragrant.
  • Petticoat Mix – 4″; Dwarf mix of starshaped flowers in shades of violet, lavender, white, scarlet, pink, salmon & red. Has both single and bi-colors.
  • Popstars Series (F1) – 10″ container, 14″ garden; A riot of starburst bicolors, picotees and reverse picotees in red, blue, carmine, purple, rose & white. Naturally dwarf and dense branching with the enhanced flower power and garden performance of F1 vigor. Eye-popping in planters.
  • Promise Series –  Dwarf compact habit, semi-double flowers, long blooming. 
  • Starry Eyes  – 18″; A rich blend of dark-eyed colors w’ starred eyes. Very fragrant.
  • Sugar Stars – 18″ container, 25″ garden; A brilliant pattern, violet blue shades with white starred centers. Showy & fragrant with tall stems.
  • Twinkle Mix – Star shaped fringed flowers in white, pink, & carmine shades including many dark-eyed types. 


Phlox – Missouri Botanical Garden

The Flower Farmer by Lynn Byczynski

Recommended for Wildlife by

 For the Birds, Butterflies & Hummingbirds: Creating Inviting Habitats – Virginia Extension

Photo Credits

 Malcolm Manners  Flickr

Additional information




Part Sun, Sun


Loam, Moist

Flower Color

Pink, Red, White

Flower Season

Spring, Summer

Wildlife Value

Beneficial Insects, Hummingbird, Nectar

Notable Features

Containers, Cut Flowers, Fragrant

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