Linton Springs Elementary School Monarch Research Garden

The Linton Springs Monarch Research Garden at LSES operates from May until mid November.   This garden was established for students to study/observe and conduct research on the life cycle of monarch butterflies.  Weekly research during the butterfly’s life cycle is conducted and reported to several Citizens Science projects.  This research also includes tagging and sampling the adult monarch butterfly.  Participation could also include assisting teachers and students in the classroom.  If you would like to learn more about the fascinating life cycle of the monarch butterfly and how to raise and care for them, this is the garden for you!  To work in the garden when school is in session, a Carroll County Public School Level II Volunteer Training is required. Half-hour training sessions are free and available throughout the school year.  For information regarding training sessions and schedules visit the Carroll County Public School System website.  To work in the garden contact Peggy Dash:  bpdash@comcast.net.

The Shirley Memorial Garden and Gillette Garden Agriculture Center, Westminster, MD

The Shirley Garden is a butterfly garden which was planted in honor of Margaret “Hank” Shirley. It is located at the entrance to the Extension Offices near the flagpole. The garden is planted with several varieties of plants which will attract butterflies and offer both foliage and nectar for their development. Many of the plants are native perennials but a few annuals are planted as well. The Memorial Sanctuary Garden dedicated to Esther Waugh Gillette (known as the Gillette Garden) is also located at CC Ag Center—in front of the red building.  Both gardens are maintained by the Extension Garden Committee which works faithfully from March until October to keep the gardens looking great.