Native Plants

Eldersburg Library Native Garden

Contact: Sharon Row at (link sends e-mail) or 410-635-2612

In May 2007, Master Gardeners and Tom Sheets, a volunteer who continues to support the annual mulching efforts, gathered to plant the native garden at the Eldersburg Library. Since then, the Master Gardeners have used the library plot as a perfect space for a demonstration garden to teach the patrons of the library about the importance of native plants in the landscape. They have adapted, changed, moved, removed, added, pruned and nurtured to demonstrate the care of a BayWise garden to protect the Chesapeake Bay. The garden has flourished: the Monarch caterpillars and butterflies amaze the young patrons of the library, the swallowtails are in residence, the bluebird box has been home for many broods, and toads like to lurk in the mulch.

The garden began when the library obtained a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to establish a native garden to attract birds and beneficial insects. The library requested the assistance of Carroll County Master Gardeners to create a BayScaped butterfly garden and bird sanctuary at the entrance to the library. Andrea Kowaleski and Rose Norseth, after completing a course entitled “Native Plants of the Piedmont Area”, spent many hours and months researching and designing the garden. The design of the garden is an educational resource for patrons of the library who want to learn more about Maryland native plants, BayScaping and protecting the Chesapeake Bay.

The Shirley Memorial Garden and Gillette Garden Agriculture Center, Westminster, MD

The Shirley Garden is a butterfly garden which was planted in honor of Margaret “Hank” Shirley. It is located at the entrance to the Extension Offices near the flagpole. The garden is planted with several varieties of plants which will attract butterflies and offer both foliage and nectar for their development. Many of the plants are native perennials but a few annuals are planted as well. The Memorial Sanctuary Garden dedicated to Esther Waugh Gillette (known as the Gillette Garden) is also located at CC Ag Center—in front of the red building.  Both gardens are maintained by the Extension Garden Committee which works faithfully from March until October to keep the gardens looking great.