Part of our Master Gardener mission is to develop and deliver science-based, sustainable landscaping information to the citizens of Carroll County.  We perform this mission by offering Bay-wise information & certifications, native plant information, supporting idea gardens and offering educational landscape classes.


As part of this mission, a growing group of Master Gardeners work on a wide variety of activities to help reduce pollutants flowing into our backyard treasure, the Chesapeake Bay. In order to increase interest in this important endeavor, we are focusing on the quality of water in our streams with a new theme:

Our activities include education, outreach, workshops, and creative events in addition to Bay-Wise landscape consultations and certifications for property owners. Click here  for the 75-second Bay-Wise introductory video produced by a Towson University student.

Native Plants

Carroll County Master Gardeners encourage prioritizing the planting of natives which are easy to grow and support wildlife.  Many native plants are usually available at our annual plant sale in May.  More information on native plants can be found in the posts below, in our idea gardens, in our classes or from HGIC.

Idea Gardens

Carroll County Master Gardeners support many landscape idea gardens.  These gardens include the Eldersburg Library Bay-Wise and Native Plant Garden, the Shirley & Gillette Gardens at the Carroll County Ag Center and the GROW garden at the South Carroll Senior Center.


Carroll County Master Gardeners also teach landscape classes through out the year focusing on topics like Lawn Care, Soil Testing & Amendment or Gardening for Wildlife.  Check our events calendar to find a class near you.

More Information

If you are looking for information on edible landscapes, it can be found under fruits and vegetables.  If you are experiencing a problem with your landscape, try our plant clinic tab.