Part of our Master Gardener mission is to help Marylanders understand the importance of pollinators and beneficial insects. In addition to teaching classes, we maintain demonstration gardens to support pollinator education.

Entomology is the study of insects.  Insects are very important to our environment.  96% of terrestrial bird species in North America count on insects and other arthropods (typically spiders that eat insects) to feed their young. (Tallamy, Bringing Nature Home).  Many insects rely on native plants for their food.  A recent study has shown that when native plants account for less than 70% of the landscape, birds cannot thrive.

Our goal as master gardeners is to teach you how to support diverse insect populations while still producing fruits and vegetables you can eat.  You can visit our demonstration gardens, attend our classes or visit the links below to learn more about beneficial insects, insect identification and, when necessary,  how to control insects using Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Demonstration Gardens

Carroll County maintains demonstration gardens where you can learn about insects and the plants that support them. We also have pollinator beds in several of our other gardens.

Linton Springs Elementary School Monarch Research Garden

The Linton Springs Monarch Research Garden at Linton Springs Elementary School  was established for students to study/observe and conduct research on the life cycle of monarch butterflies.  Learn more about this garden and how you can be involved here.

The Shirley Memorial Garden

The Shirley Garden is planted with several varieties of plants which will attract butterflies and offer both foliage and nectar for their development. You may learn more about the Shirley Garden and how to visit it here.

More Information

If you are looking for more information, visit Plant Pests from HGIC or learn How to ID, Prevent and Manage Plant Problems .  You may find more information on our Plant Clinic tab.