Scientific Name:  Cosmos bipinnatus

Light: full sun

Zone: 2 to 11; Grown as an annual in Carroll County

Height:  1 to 4 feet

Width:  2 to 3 feet

Flowers:   Red, pink or white rays and yellow center; June to frost


Fall Color:

Butterflies:  attracts

Birds: Yes


Deer Resistant: Yes

Insects/Pollinators:  Cosmos flowers are magnets for beneficial insects like lacewings, parasitic wasps, tachinid flies and hoverflies that feed on many pest insects and provide free pollination services.


Idea Garden:

Propagation:  Seedlings emerge in 7 to 10 days if started at 70 – 72F.  Seeds should be lightly covered.  In Carroll county, seeds can be started in mid-April for seedlings to be set out after Mother’s Day.  Seeds can also be directly sown after Mother’s Day.

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